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It was when Eskom was unable to supply consistent power, that a need was identified – back-up lighting. Since the portable ‘emergency lights’ are not dependable, Ambiente decided to design a quality 12 volt system that has battery back-up which can be charged by means of Eskom power or Solar power, using powerful LED lights, with a life span of 10 to 20 years and consumes a fraction (3w) of the energy that even a CFL (11w) consumes. Designed and manufactured in South Africa with a 2 year guarantee.

From there an ever greater need has been uncovered – lighting for the rural areas using solar power. Ambiente is proud to now offer a complete, green and affordable solution using LED lights powered by solar energy. Ambiente has also integrated a cell phone charger, as well as supplying an environmentally friendly gel cooking plate, no smoke or hazardous fumes.

Ambiente is continuously striving for better more efficient ways to improve the lives of all South African’s.Lighting is at the top of the list of the fundamental requirements that will empower each and every one living in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa. Without lights, students can’t do homework or study at night, resulting in a poorly educated nation, stunting the country’s growth. The other methods of providing lighting, i.e. candles, paraffin and gas, are hazardous to all.
The ability to charge cell phones is another need in the rural areas where there is no electricity.

Initially the lighting system was developed for the Lodges as back-up lighting. Out in the rural areas, power failures are frequent. The ‘emergency lights’ are not dependable or consistent; a more permanent quality solution was desperately needed. A 12volt system, with a guarantee of 2 years, that comprises of the following was designed and manufactured in South Africa, by Ambiente Products, consisting of: a control unit which houses the battery, software; hardware, charger and real-time clock; 90 lumen LED driven lights – using a mere 3 watt each, with a life span of 10 to 20 YEARS, which can be controlled with an infra-red remote control or via a normal wall switch.

The light can be mounted on its own or used as a “globe” and fitted into most standard light fittings. The unique feature on the system is that of having the two connection banks. The light will work on a day night sensor. This bank is useful for security / outdoor / indoor passage lighting. There is also a ‘reset’ button used to manually activate all the lights, anytime of day or night regardless of the status of Eskom power.

The other great feature of the System is the optional GSM modem. This enables the user to activate the lights from anywhere in the world – on holiday, on the way home from a party – from their cell phone, at no cost. It also informs the user via sms when the power has failed and again when it has been restored. The modem also overrides the real-time clock, meaning that like the ‘reset’ button, it will activate or deactivate any time day or night. No need for timer adaptors. “Did you switch your lights on whilst on holiday and forget to phone in to switch them off. Happily; the unit will automatically switch them off after 3 hours and inform the user via sms that the lights are now off. Simply call to switch them back on.
The control unit must at all times be plugged into Eskom power and when there is a power failure, the Ambiente System will activate within seconds. The back-up time is dependent on how many lights are powered up. For example, having 10 lights ON, provides 5 hours of back-up lighting using the 18amp battery. Should longer back-up time with more lights be required, the battery and charger can be changed. Up to 30 lights can be connected to one control unit.

Ambiente has since put a Solar Powered Lighting System together. The advantage of using the Ambiente light for solar applications is that each light only uses 1amp or 3watt, instead of the CFL (which are full of mercury and hazardous).
For example, 5 x Ambiente lights = 15watt vs. CFL 55watt. Therefore, a smaller panel, battery and controller are required to run the Ambiente light, cutting the cost by up to 60% for the same amount of lights. The bonus is that the Ambiente light will shine brightly for 10 to 20 years before needing to be replaced.

Ambiente also offers a complete solution for RDP and BNG (Breaking New Ground) housing. For R3990 per kit incl. vat. A KIT consists of a 60watt solar panel; 10amp controller; 35amp battery; wiring for a 42sqm house; cell phone charger and a two plate gel cooker with 5lt of gel. This kit will power 4 lights; cell phone charger and a small music center/radio. Guarantees: panel – 5 years; battery – 1 year; lights – 3 years. Not covered for lightening or mis-use.

Over and above these products, Ambiente offers UPS systems for all applications, visit www.ambiente.co.za for more information.

Although the homes are being built, it is clear that there is little hope of these homes having electricity any time soon.

Ambiente is offering a very affordable solution.