Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):


Q: How long has this product been available in SA?

A: Since February 2009

Q: Is this a South African product?

A: Yes, designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Q: Does it have an opposition product & who are they?

A: Chinese products, however none that have been designed and manufactured in SA, that we are aware of. And not with the different functions of the AMBIENTE System.

Q: What is the guarantee on the product?

A: 2 years excluding the battery. Terms and conditions apply.

Q: What is the life-span of the lights?

A: Around 50 000 hours or 10 years lifespan (dependant on daily use).

Q: Can the lights be dimmed?

A: Sadly No.

Q: How many lights can be connected to the system?


 Q: Can the lights be placed outdoors?

A: Yes, when specified for outdoor use, they will be weather-proofed before delivery.

Q: Is there a difference between these lights and the conventional globe?

A: Yes, these lights give a ‘cleaner, luminous’ light. They do not contain harmful components such as mercury, which is found in energy saving globes.

Q: Can one remote control be used for all the lights?

A: Yes, it is a universal remote for these lights and they are ‘line of sight’.

Q: Can the lights be connected to a switch instead of using the remote control?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the back-up time?

A: It is dependant on the size of the system, quantity of lights and size of the battery… i.e. on the 5amp/18amp battery – 10 lights on continuously will give you a back-up time of 5 hours. Less lights = longer back-up time. More lights = less back-up time.

Q: What is the life-span of the 12v 18amp battery?

A: When used as back-up lighting, 3 years if taken care of, i.e. that the system is not discharged beyond recovery. Keeping it plugged into the mains should prevent this.

Q: Does one require a different battery if using the system as primary lighting?

A: Yes.

Q: Where does one place the control unit?

A: Anywhere close to a plug point that is convenient. i.e. cupboard, roof, garage or any room.

Q: Can the control unit be placed outdoors?

A: No, unless it is placed in a weather proof box.

Q: What is the function of the two connection banks?

A: Lights connected to the Top bank will switch on the when there is a power failure or if the reset button is pressed or when you call in from your cell phone (optional modem). Lights connected to the Bottom bank will switch on every day between i.e. 6pm and off at 6am regardless of whether there is a power failure or not.

Q: Can the system be run off solar panels?

A: Yes, one would then use a regulator and not the control unit.

Q: Can anything else be run off the system?

A: Yes – Cell phone charger (optional extra)

Q: How is it installed?

A: The standard system is simple to install. DIY or have an electrician install it.

Q: How does the Real Time Clock (outdoor/security on/off time) get adjusted?

A: Prior to delivery

Q: What is the ideal flex or wiring spec?

A: It is dependant on the distance of the light from the control unit, from 0.5 to 1.5 twin flex or 1.5 from the control unit to a more central point in the ceiling, then use twin flex to the individual lights.

Q: How far from the control unit can the lights be?

A: Any distance, however, the further the lights are from the control unit, the higher the voltage drop would be. i.e. the lights will be dimmer. In this case use at least 1.5mm strand cable.

Q: What maintenance is required?

A: Very little, In the unlikely event that the fuse is blown, the 20 x 5mm fuse is freely available. and when the battery needs replacing.